Site updates May 2022 Historic Photos section Thanks Hugh Jordan III

Special Thanks

A special thanks to these people for contributing some very rare and personal items.

Hugh Jordan, Pamela Horn-Hewitt, Sharon Roulo, Adam Barrett and Bob Cummings

Much of their contributions can be found in the historic photos section. Thanks to them we have a collection spanning the entire life of the school.

The countless trespassers who have shared stories, photo and video can be found here: Northville Tunnels

This site would not exist without your help and support.

Site Updates: May 2022

Added 11 photos to the Historical Society Photos section .

Credit Hugh H. Jordan III Northville Township Firefighter.

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Previous Updates

Added Fire and Rescue Reports to history section.

Credit Hugh H. Jordan III Northville Township Firefighter.

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Added 80+ photos to the Historic Photos 1970-1980 section. Click Here

Vintage Films

A Circa 1933 16mm Film showing the some of the trades taught at the Wayne County Training School.

A 1946 British Pathe News Reel showing an Eloise Infirmary patient classifield as a genius playing piano.

1968 documentary narrarated by Lorne Green that shows the Plymouth State Home programs.

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Blueprint Archive Added

Donated by Adam Barrett Click Here

Trespassing = Preservation

          Some went to vandalize and party and some went to explore and document. It sat abandoned for 24 years left open to the elements. Had the school been redeveloped sooner or immediately torn down when it closed in 1974, a significant part of its history would have been lost.

          Many signicant discoveries were made at the school by great researchers. To allow it to fade into obscurity would be a discredit to the over 7400 children, the hundreds of employees, and the researchers that came from all over the world that were part of this massive social/medical experiment.

          We will also never censor the scandals and abuse that occured. Many people have shared their experiences with me. This incudes former employees and students. There is over 100 years of information packed into this site. By maintaining this site my goal is to keep the history of this institution alive. It is all dedicated the children that endured all the good and bad that went on in the schools 48 years of operation.

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