Sugar Grove Community House

May 22 1930
New construction May 22 1930

Tim Wilson
Tim Wilson


    • This is the community house on Main Street. I lived on the north side.(Home no longer there.)The lower level hall served as the school cafeteria and the large separate kitchen was where the hot lunches were prepared for the students. There were also 2 classrooms in the LL.
    • Upstairs were 2 social rooms. One for men and the other for the women. The Ladies Christian Social Society (LCSS) and the Kane County Home Bureau held there meetings in that Parlor room.
    • There was a cloak room also where tickets were sold for events held in the gymnasium. On the west end of the gym was a large stage and 2 side rooms off the stage.
    • Many different performances were held here .The Sugar Grove Young Adult Club held their annual variety shows here. Both my parents, Carter and Catherine Wilson and my in-laws, Bob and Kay Probst were members of this club. It was a social club for the young. Once you reached 35, you were no longer eligible to be a member unless your spouse had not yet reached 35....once both were 35....their memberships were terminated at the end of the 35th year.
Submitted by Melodee Wilson Probst

June 8 2016

    • Many fond and not so fond memories of this building. Our scout meetings were held here and I put my hand through the glass of the front door. They had to call my Dad to take me to get stitches. That said there was a small window in the closet off the hallway upstairs that we would open so we could talk to Melodee Wilson whose house was next door, without getting caught when we had scout meeting night when we had scout meeting night. Class rooms and the lunch room were in the basement.
Submitted by Ron Ames

September 12 2017