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Dr Frankenstang

I got caught up a the Institute a few times and have managed to talk my way out of all of them. Here are the stories....

I was up there with FingersGED during the day shooting pictures.(there is a picture of him holding a bottle of Jim Beam standing by the dairy barn at my site).Anyhoo, a couple of kids came running by laughing andcarrying on. About that time we noticed the cottage that was behind the barn was on fire. Being curious,we walked over to investigate the inferno. As it turned out it was just a couch. I clicked a few pix of it as the NVFD came onto the site. We decided not to stick around and began walking away. Well the firemen saw us and sent the NVPD officer who showed up our way.I explained to him it was some kids and that I was a photo student working on a project. That's when he asked us why we had a half empty bottle of JB with us. We showed him it was really coke and water, all had a good laugh, and were told not to come back. Well I guess I didn't listen.

Another time in '97 I was up the with my buddy James from Colorado. He was filming everything he could before they tore the place down. After about 18hr of being there we were finally finished.(yes we drove 1200 miles just to do this) We proceed up the roof of the gym to consume a few bottles of Mickeys in celebration of our accomplishment. It wasn't long until we seen a large group moving towards Freddy's on the trail by bld 17.(we had a map from NV library denoting it as this, your map says it would be bld 8) So we decided to have a little fun and go "light 'em up". There was still a pretty good charge in our 9,000,000,000,000,000,000-candle power-professional-grade-25#battery-rented movie spot light so what the Hell! (we were on the 2nd batt, yes that's right, 50#s of batteries on my person alone, talk about gear!) Anyhow we cut across the open field to intercept our "playmates". Well, they seen us coming and someone shouts out, "Michigan State Police!" Having played this game with others on different occasions(I was rather fond of yelling "Northville PD!" so my answer was "Yeah, right!" I lit them up, and sure as shit, it really was a MI Trooper! He was escorting 7-8 teenagers out to their car as a favor to NVPD or something. He asked us what we were doing and we explained. He was really quite impressed by our light. He asked if we were blowing things up or setting fires, which we answered "not tonight", and let us go. The funniest thing about it was he had the kids he was escorting say good night to us! "Say good night to the gentlemen, ladies." Pretty funny he didn't even tell us to leave. Ah, the joys of having a camera!

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