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Injury Reports

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As Anybody who ever went can tell you the Tunnels were a great place to hurt
yourself, especially while running from Johnny Law. Besides the various
bumps and bruises My worst Injury was caused by a low hanging pipe, and it
laid me out good. I don't know how everyone else did it,
but with my crew we were'nt fond of making ourselves
glow so flashlight exposure was very minimal. In the Tunnels themselves,
only the guy in the front had a flashlight on. I was leading on this
particular expedition with about 5 people behind. We were coming up on a
building when were interupted by Northvilles finest. As we ran on back
through the tunnels the order was reversed and I found myself in the rear.
Tunnel etiquette dictated that the guy with the light call out when going
under a low hanging pipe. "Pipe" was called and everyone ducked under
without losing pace. Well someone forgot on one of the last big pipes and I ran
into it face first at nearly top speed. (if you want to recreate this accident for
your own amusement, Go outside and find a lowhanging branch even with your
forehead and try to run under it.) BAM! I was on my ass, cracked my face on
the pipe and the back of my head on the concrete. I saw Stars, alot of 'em.
I didn't have much time to enjoy the dancing Angels because we could still
hear Action so off I went with blood in my eyes. When we finally got to
safety I had a huge Knot forming on my forehead and a big cut in my scalp.
That was incidentally the last time I trusted someone else in front of me down there.

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I'm not sure the exact year, it must have been winter of '87 or '88...
Every single weekday this particular winter, my friend Jeff and I went to the tunnels. This one
day, it must have snowed 12 inches and was still comming down at the usual time of departure.
We didn't care about no damned snow, we were goin to the tunnels no matter what!!!
So we grabbed a boombox, flashlight, and a case of beer and jumped into his beat down reddish
color Oldsmobile and drove to the neighborhood that was east of Northville Road.
We parked at the school that was there (as I'm all sure you all know, you can't park on
any public street in Northville after like midnight or they tow your car), walked down the
dirt road and across the railroad tracks to Northville Road. We ran/jogged across Northville Rd
and Hines Drive to the trail thru the woods. Eventually, we ended up in the top of the
firetower, drinkin beer and listenin to music. On the way down the stairs, I noticed
a door to the roof that I had never seen before. I tried to push it open, but there
was a mound of snow in front of it. We forced that damned door open and I walked out onto
the snow-covered roof. The shingles were round and made of a brick like substance, and very
slippery. I took a couple steps and BAM- I fell face down and started sliding toward the
edge of the building, frantically reaching and grabbing for anything I could find under
the snow. With only inches to go, I found a wire! I pulled my self up and swore I would
"never climb anything here again in my life"(yeah right).
So we get down and almost to the hospital building to climb the elevator shaft, when
I noticed my hand was very very cold. I took my glove off, turned it upside down,
and poured blood out into the snow. I cut my right index finger to the bone.
Jeff was like, "We gotta get you to the hospital", but I wanted to drink more
beer and smear blood all over the place- which we did, till I got dizzy.
Then we walked allllllll the way back across the complex, thru the woods,
ran across both main roads and as soon as we get to the railroad tracks, a
fucking train comes and makes us stand there freezing our asses off for another
20 mins. I went to St Mary's in Livonia and got the muscle sewn back together and 7
stitches in the skin.
I wish I woulda saved them!


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