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Quiet Room


Welcome to The Quiet Room


::For those who don't know , the quiet room was the padded cell
that the staff of a childrens center such as the WCCDC
would put the residents in when they couldn't be controlled.
Here at the Northville-Tunnels.com , being wrestled to the ground and
thrown into the Quiet Room is the highest of honors.
Only people or institutions who have helped us along will be mentioned here
along with a picture and/or quote of their choice.



This week we were contacted by a former WCCDC student, Charlie.
Charlie has submitted a short interview , and is going to help us better understand
what life was like in the place we love so much, when it was open for 'business'.
From my understanding, Charlie was never put in seclusion during his stay,
It kinda makes you wonder why he was so quick to be thrown in the quiet room for this leg of his tour.
Thanks Charlie, we look forward to more from you! Charles Fobert::

Syd, there's just too many of them being thrown in the quiet room today, you
better just sedate everyone!

Dr Frankenstang

This offender wrote up an incident report which included sneaking onto the golf course next door,
spray paint, and unauthorized bbq's behind cottage 17.
A BARBAQUE?!?! The nerve of some people! It's gonna be a long stay for you pal, you better get comfortable.
Thanks, the story is great!


Another first timer for our quiet room, Nailhed_Raven not only submitted
a video, but allowed us to use still shots and small sample videos for the site.
He is also writing a book about the WCCDC, and has shared alot of info with us.
I can't think of a more deserving s.o.b. than this one right here.
Thanks for everything, Nailhed, and I'm looking forward to the next meeting.


Today Jarcher made his 1st appearance in the quiet room.
He submitted 150 pictures for us to use as we see fit on the site.
Quite a bold move there Jarcher, you won't be taking any pix where you're going , pal!
Syd, you better sedate this one as well!
Thanks Jarcher, you've made many more pictorial updates possible!

Bill Ding

Today Bill Ding has made a repeat return to the quiet room.
This time he made an aireal view video, and submitted the Dwight Frye picture above.
This one may never learn his lesson, I predict more visits here in the future for Bill,
and I suggest we sedate him.
Thanks again bill!


Today we learned of Skull39's unauthorized little desecnt into the steam tunnels
where his encouragable behavior resulted in an injury (see 'Incident Reports/Injury Reports').
You won't be seeing the light of day for quite some time, Skull39


We have been holding off on locking Sher513 in solitary confinment due to
the fact that we feel sorry for her because of who she's married to (ME).
Her actions (consisting of driving to the Northville Library to get stuff for me,
waiting outside her work a few times for me to pick her up while I was at the
Northville Library gettin stuff, for helping pick the pictures, crabbing till the
menu and enter page colors were just right, ect.) can no longer be ignored.

I'll throw her in the QuietRoom, but someone else has to put the straight jacket on her!
Enjoy the soft walls and floor, Sher513

Bill Ding

Today Bill Ding from our forum was tossed screaming and flailing about into the Quiet Room.
As we were removing his shoe laces , he repeatedly yelled 'All I did was try to help on the map , lemme go!'
Fucker even bit me!
Enjoy your stay, Bill- and thanks!

The Northville District Library

The Northville Library gets a stay in The Quiet Room as well as put into a restraining jacket
for their help in research. They provided www.northville-tunnels.com(external link) with alot of info , and were very helpfull.
Enjoy your stay!


The Quiet room is archived from the original site Page created by R3dJanuary 2004

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