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I got busted leaving the Tunnels. Not actually at the tunnels or in them but, leaving.
Of course I get busted when I was leaving thinking I was all safe and secure and in the clear.
I actually had a warrant (on something totally unrelated that later was dropped) and while
leaving a fun filled adventurous evening at the tunnels with Red (of course) and my now
brother in law, when the cops, who had to have been waiting for us, pulled us over on
Hines in Northville Township and said "I need to see everyones I.D., especially yours, Sheri"
As my dear husband, and brother in law stand outside the cop car that I now reside in the back of,
laughing it up with the cop who just arrested me five minutes before this, I was to say
the least fit to be tied! (no pun intended) The only humor in all this, was my brother in
laws, cheeta bikini ass flapping in the wind from a tear that ran from his waist to his knee
that he had recieved sometime that nite.. LOL...
Needless to say i was NOT charged with tresspassing, thankfully but I did get the whole
series of questions about the tunnels in hopes he could get me on that as well.
However mud covered and reeking I was I stood fast to my story and played dumb and insisted
that i had NEVER heard of the tunnels and had clue what the hell he was talking about went
as far as to even ask Red " hunny what are the tunnels? " The cop who pushed the tunnel
issue all the way to the station and my entire lovely stay in the Northville Township
Inn was told again and again I needed to admit my being at the tunnels and how the place is
nothing but a party place that kids go and trash and cause them nothing but problems
and how if I tell him the truth hed be cool about it... like i thought he was ever cool right?
Anyway, I NEVER did admit that i was there and Red and my brother in law drove off in my
car and I drove off in the nice police officers car. Red later after driving all the way
back to Westland to get the bail money out of our freezer, and back to Northville, still
drunk humself bailed me out for him and i to go back to where i was so graciously escorted
away earlier, to look for the cops wedding ring that he had lost while arresting me..LOL..
Unfortunately we didnt find it but, it would of made for a nice end to the story and sure
been one hell of a keeper!
And in case anyone might wonder, i still went back after this figuring i hadnt REALLY got
caught at the tunnels, no tresspassing charge, no fine no nothing right... i continued my
almost weekly trip for years to follow...

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My scariest time-
Red and I made regular vistits to the Northville Tunnels until their ultimate demise.
I had become familliar with the grounds and in time, got pretty bold you could say.
This one summer night in 93 or 94- Red and I, and another couple, went to the tunnels.
This night we parked in the industrial park off 5 mile and explored both sides of sheldon road.
On our usual tour we went in as many buildings as possible. I frankly got a tad to comfortable
with my Northville surroundings and wandered off from the group quite often. This night I would
quickly learn why Red was always displeased (to say the least) at this behavior of mine.
We were in the school building and I wandered off.
With only my trusty Bic lighter in hand , I slipped through a small hole in a huge air duct.
I crawled through to the other side (where , of course, my lighter wouldnt stay lit) in complete darkness,
and found my self not seeing- only hearing feeling and smelling the breath of another in my face!!!
With this I threw myself backwards, grasping to find my way back and screaming the entire time.
Red reached in and grabbed me from my sudden terror- thankfully before I pissed myself.
Needless to say whom or whatever I came face to face with was unknown, I never saw anyone
Red and his friend did look and saw no one where I was, but we didnt continue down the duct
to introduce ourselves either. Instead we did what anyone else would do in that situation....
We went to the Gym instead!!
In closing, I did quit with the wandering about and never forgot how scared shitless I was.

I do remember this night. We looked in the duct and there was a blanket and food wrappers and crap
laying around. I think we concluded it was some homeless guy.


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