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  • I first trespassed at the Wayne County Training School in 1982. I noticed it first after driving past it several times after moving to Canton from Detroit in 1980.


Westbound 6 Mile Rd just east of Sheldon

In 1982 I saw a newspaper story about a fire in Central School After I read it I knew I had to go out there.


  • The first time I was on the property I quickly realized what an incredible place it was and began to document it in super 8 film and photographs.
  • After taking a couple trips by parking at the speedway gas station we figured out a better way onto the grounds. As most people founds out Powerhouse Trail leading up from Hines Park was an easy way to get on the grounds.


  • Some of my best memories out there are just sitting in the tower of the Hospital building on a summer night. It was the perfect place because you had good cover and you could see everything. It was very comfortable, nice breeze and very roomy. The other thing I liked to do was go to one of the tunnels storage areas, (these were rooms off to the side of the tunnels behind the pipes)sit there in the pitch dark and listen to what ever sounds I could hear. Your eyes would also play tricks on you as well.


  • In 1986 I was arrested coming down the trail by the Powerhouse while leaving the grounds. I paid my fine and was more careful after that. It was the only time I was arrested the other times I received only a ticket. Lt Sherman of the Northville Township Police Department made the arrest. 21 years later we would both be part of the NHC Seminar? on the history of the WCTS. One in 2007 and the other in 2008.


  • In October 2003 R3d and I replied to the a topic about the Northville tunnels on ForgottenMichigan.com. Within a week we had the first version of the Northville Tunnels website on line


  • In January 2004 an informal get together was held at R3d's house. It would be the first meeting of those involved with the creation of the website. It would be this event that we would be introduced to Charles Fobert a man who as a child was sent to the WCTS.



  • In October 2007 I helped organize a seminar on the WCTS with the Northville Historical Commission


  • In February 27 2008 I participated in a 2nd NHC Seminar? Image


My now retired license plate. I used it from 2004-2008

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